7 Tips for Making the Most of UK Music

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The United Kingdom is responsible for the development of a number of well-known musical subgenres, including glam rock and punk. In the 1970s, bands like Adam and the Ants sported bondage clothing, piercings, and body modifications such as safety pins in an effort to establish themselves in the scene. Streaming services in today’s digital age are making it possible for varied UK talent from all eras and backgrounds to gain audiences and develop careers that can be sustained. Not only is this fantastic news for music lovers, but it’s also wonderful for the musicians themselves.

1. Get Your Music Streamed on Spotify

Many new artists are unclear about how to get their music streamed on Spotify. They either expect a super simple process that’s the same as uploading to Soundcloud or has been led to believe that it requires record labels.

Get your music

Generating Spotify streams is important for many reasons, from providing useful data to your audience to boosting royalties and building an online fanbase. To maximize streams, focus on quality over quantity.

2. Get Your Music Streamed on Apple Music

Apple Music offers an extensive catalog of popular music. It pays artists monthly based on streams. Paid streams have more weight than ad-supported streams.

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UK Music works to ensure that music – and the copyright that underwrites it – is recognized and valued at all levels of government, throughout the wider economy, and by consumers. It does this through lobbying and research work.

3. Get Your Music Streamed on YouTube

UK Music works to secure a strong future for music and its makers. It publishes research on the value of music to the economy and runs a talent development program.

Music Streamed on YouTube

YouTube Music is a special section of the site dedicated to audio streaming. The service can help you find the right songs and artists to listen to. It also lets you create playlists for your listening pleasure.

4. Get Your Music Streamed on Deezer

Deezer has a unique business model where users pay monthly for a subscription. This allows them to access 53 million songs, curated playlists, and dedicated web radio stations.

Streamed on Deezer

Deezer has recently declared their rejection of the standard form of royalty revenue for musicians, which essentially defines earnings based on popularity; leaving smaller artists at a disadvantage. Their new method is fairer for all.

5. Get Your Music Streamed on Google Play

Google Play Music streams music to your devices in an experience that should feel just like playing locally stored music. It also allows you to download music for offline listening (to save data or for when you’re traveling) and to limit streaming to Wi-Fi only.

Music Streamed on Google Play

You can upload your own music to Google Play with a Chrome tool or by manually adding files. You earn a percentage of ad and subscription revenue when you sell your music on Google Play.

6. Get Your Music Streamed on Amazon

UK artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Dua Lipa continue to dominate the charts. And newer acts like Brighton-based Architects and Oxford-based Glass Animals are seeing their global appeal grow through streaming platforms.

Streamed on Amazon

The Musician Union supports musicians through schemes such as Help Musicians and campaigns to make streaming fairer. And their New Opportunities page lists funding options that may be of interest to UK creators.

7. Get Your Music Streamed on Tidal

UK Music works to promote the value of music and supports musicians through research, education, and advocacy. This includes running schemes to help struggling musicians and campaigns such as those aimed at making streaming fairer.

Tidal is a premium streaming service that offers lossless audio quality and HiFi-quality MQA streams. It also boasts a huge catalog of HD music videos and artist radio.

Understanding UK music’s future is crucial to maximizing its potential. “Is UK Music the Future of Music?” discusses how UK artists and their ingenuity shape the global music scene. The essay highlights the UK’s infinite creative potential and rich musical legacy, including rising artists like Lenostube. By connecting to “7 Tips for Making the Most of UK Music,” readers can learn how to use UK music to their advantage as artists, marketers, or fans.

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