Is UK Music the Future of Music? 

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Established global artists such as Harry Styles and Dua Lipa each earned hundreds of millions of streams in 2017, while up-and-coming UK artists such as IDLES and the Lathums placed the country’s music on the map. UK Music is an umbrella organization that represents the commercial music industry’s production side, including record labels, musicians, songwriters, composers, artist managers, music publishers, and studio producers. It engages in high-profile campaigns and strategic policy and lobbying work to promote the industry. 

Streaming is transforming the music business. 

Streaming music creates new opportunities for British artists. In addition, it exerts pressure on businesses to address the market dominance of key rights holders. 

Streaming is assisting a new generation of UK bands to discover their voice and breakthrough, from indie acts like IDLES and Blossoms to rap artists like Little Simz, Central Cee, Arrdee, AJ Tracey, and Headie One and dance artists like Mimi Webb, Becky Hill, and PinkPantheress. Through their recordings, these artists are cultivating a global fan base and securing regular income streams and label support that was not possible during the CD era. 

However, it is essential to note that, in terms of chart calculations, 150 streams correspond to one physical single sale. This implies that millions of streams are required for many musicians to earn a living from their music. This is why the Musician’s Union is striving to close a copyright law loophole to ensure that artists receive a fair share of income.

Streaming is fostering a new generation of artists.

British music producers are prospering in this new streaming era. Diverse artists from all backgrounds and eras are connecting with admirers and building careers thanks to 24/7 global marketing. This new generation of artists is able to exploit the commercial potential of streaming thanks to rising label A&R investment (which reached £250 million in 2019) and innovative marketing. 

Streaming is also breaking down barriers for unsigned and emerging artists. Last year, 1,800 British artists generated tens or hundreds of millions of streams, which is more than double the number of artists who accomplished this feat during the CD era. 

But there are still obstacles to overcome. For example, the fundamental accounting principles for streaming must be re-examined. Consequently, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport’s (DCMS) Commons Select Committee has been holding hearings to determine if the business models of major streaming platforms are equitable to songwriters and performers. The report of the committee is anticipated in the coming weeks.

Streaming services generate new markets. 

The flourishing music industry in the United Kingdom is now more global than ever. It is no longer sufficient to be successful in the United Kingdom; global audiences are hungry for new sounds, and those who can reach them are well-positioned to garner the benefits.

Additionally, streaming opens up global markets for emerging British talent. Little Simz, Central Cee, and Arrdee are gaining massive new audiences, while J Hus, KSI, Headie One, and AJ Tracey are selling out stadiums and topping the charts with their rap music. Pop and dance artists such as Mimi Webb, Becky Hill, Pink Pantheress, and Bicep are simultaneously establishing their international reputations and expanding their fan bases via streaming.

The industry is also flourishing as a result of rising investment in artist development by UK record labels. With PS250 million invested in A&R in 2019 and 24/7 global marketing, a new generation of talent is able to find success, while established artists are able to grow their audiences and communicate with fans around the globe. 

Streaming supports the next generation of musicians. 

Streaming enables a wider range of diverse British talent of all ages to create audiences and advance their careers. The next generation is connecting with millions of admirers via tens of millions of streams per year. 

Modern artists work diligently to unleash their creative potential in the streaming era by increasing investment in A&R (£250 million in 2021) and global marketing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Innovative partnerships with emerging consumer platforms like Peloton and in-game experiences like Roblox and Fortnite support their relationship with supporters.

During the CD era, the industry was dominated by a handful of artists with massive sales and chart success, including female bands such as the Spice Girls, Britpop acts such as Oasis and Blur, and the ‘Madchester’ scene, which included groups such as Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. It was an era of cool Britannia characterized by increased pride in British culture, as exemplified by the music scene’s revival.

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