Jamie Webster Returns With New Single?Voiceless Voice?

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Jamie Webster has aspirations of being well-known beyond the confines of Anfield. His renditions of popular Liverpool songs and chants have earned him a special place in the affections of Liverpool FC supporters. That he is exactly that is demonstrated by the fact that his second record, titled Moments, was released on Modern Sky UK. The fact that he collaborated with producer Dave Eringa on the song demonstrates that he is pushing things to an entirely new level.


After a year in which he went from playing in local pubs to headlining shows with 11,000 people in his home city of Liverpool, Jamie Webster’s second record Moments has the most powerful track yet. The title track cuts through the strange lack of empathy for Britain’s young people with a message that asks those who feel like they can’t speak up for themselves to do so. It combines his famous talent for watching people with sharp short stories.

Webster has always been a fan of Liverpool FC. When he was young, he wanted to be a professional football player, but when he realized he wouldn’t make it, he picked up the guitar. His sound has been shaped by his love of classic American folk rock. Artists like Crosby, Stills, and Nash and the huge personalities of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon have also been important. The new record, which comes out on Friday, January 28th, was made by Dave Eringa. It has the tracks Weekend in Paradise and Days Unknown from before, as well as the new song Going Out.


Jamie Webster is a local hero for Liverpool FC fans. He started his career singing the famous chants of The Kop in pubs around town with a strong local accent. In the end, it led to a record deal with Liverpool-based independent label Modern Sky UK, and Jamie became a regular on the football calendar, playing before LFC games for a crowd of fans who loved him.

In 2020, he would put out his first album, “We Get By.” It went straight to the top of the charts and solidified his place as a songwriter for a new group of working-class men. Jamie hasn’t forgotten what made him successful: a strong sense of hard work. We asked him to choose the record that makes him think of that spirit. This is what he chose:


The hero of the working class, Jamie Webster, is back with a new song that freezes a moment in time and, while criticizing the status quo, sparks hope that things will change. The inspiring acoustic guitar-led track was recorded with producer Dave Eringa at Liverpool’s famous Rockfield Studios. It comes before two sold-out shows in his hometown this weekend, as well as performances at Glastonbury and TRNSMT, among other places.

Webster’s first album, We Get By, is a record of youth. He took a grassroots method and played in pubs and bars all over the city before LFC games. Its songs were scathing attacks on the Tory party, and young people all over the country could relate to them.


Jamie Webster used to play music to make money when he was working. From the time he was 15, he sang in a neighbourhood band and wrote songs to make a little extra money while he worked.

He became popular with football fans by putting his own spin on old songs and singing them after Liverpool FC games. His song “This Place” became the team’s semi-official anthem, and he played it for 60,000 people at a Champions League final fan park event in 2022. This made him a part of LFC legend and got him a spot on Sky Sports.

Now, Jamie has built a successful business on his own terms. He’s now known all over the country, and in his home city, he’s a hero. The straight-talking Liverpudlian recorded “Days Unknown” in Rockfield Studios (where Queen, Oasis, and Manic Street Preachers have recorded) with producer Dave Eringa. The track is an exciting change in sound for the singer. It sends the word that the pandemic is over and asks for more than just a return to normal.

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